Gutter Cleaning and Repair Tips and Tricks

Ignoring the importance of gutter cleaning may cost you thousands of dollars. Gutters are like bombs above your head, especially if they are full of insects, critters, leaves, and twigs. It’s never a good idea to skip on gutter maintenance at all.

Gutter cleaning is essential regardless of where your home is located. However, it is true that you have to clean your gutter more frequently than normal if you live in a place where there are many trees in your yard and the rest of the neighborhood. Generally speaking, gutters have to be maintained every spring and fall.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

Gutter cleaning is highly recommended during autumn when most leaves are falling down. And in spring, insects tend to whirl around most often and most of them may end up in your gutter if there are nice leaves and twigs for them to nestle in there.

It’s necessary to call the professional to clean your downspouts, especially if you have heated gutters installed. Hire the most reputable repairmen of heated gutters Erie PA has ever produced for the best possible results. Always remember that a clogged downspout supports standing water. When it’s hard for the rain to flow down the drain, it will back up and overflow in the gutter. And that’s what causes the damage in your home.

Gutter Maintenance Basics

You’ll know if it’s time to clean your gutters if you see leaves and debris in it. In fact, you should be cleaning your gutters every four months, regardless if you see anything clogging it up or not. Don’t wait until the last leaf falls down before cleaning the gutter as the damage may get extensive by then.

To keep leaves from getting into your gutter, you may install leaf guards over it. But while leaf guards may greatly decrease the need to do gutter maintenance, it doesn’t eliminate the task. You still need to get those gutters cleaned. It’s that the frequency isn’t four to six months anymore. You may only have to clean your gutters annually if you have leaf guards in place.

Gutter Cleaning Basics

If you fail to do a visual check on your gutters every so often, then you may be in for costly repairs. Even if you have quality covers and screens installed, gutter maintenance is still required. Quality gutter covers may cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 but that should be worth the investment considering they protect your home from damage.

Most of the gutter cleaning you can do yourself if you know how to. If you don’t, then such a simple task may suddenly become a dangerous job. Be careful when climbing a ladder. Be sure that it is sturdy, in good condition, and can support your weight. If the soil seems soft, put plywood under the legs of the ladder. Don’t rest the ladder on the gutters as that may cause the gutter collapse or come down. If you’re not confident about cleaning your gutter, have a professional to come over and do the task for you.

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