Should You Hire a Lawyer for Employment Issues?

If you find yourself in a dispute with your employer, who is going to call? There’s somebody who may actually help you with it. What you need is the services of an employment law attorney. They can help you in resolving a lot of issues with your employer. They can help you communicate with them so you can get your needs aired out.   


One of the most reasons you need an employment law attorney is when you get fired for discriminatory reasons. Another common reason is the unpaid wages. Whatever dispute it is that needs resolution, then an employment law attorney will help.  

How to Find an Employment Law Attorney  

The best way to find a reputable employment law attorney is through word of mouth. Your family and friends may they know of a lawyer. If they don’t, then some of the people they know may. You can also request for a recommendation from other lawyers. It won’t matter where you find the lawyer. What matter is that you ask him or her the following questions to make sure that he or she can represent you best.  

  1. How easy is it to communicate with the lawyer?

This is something that you can ask pointedly to the lawyer and check what his or her answer is going to be. If the lawyer gives you his or her personal number, then that’s good. If he gives you the number at the office, don’t forget to try calling it and see how he or his assistant accepts each call. Legal matters are time-sensitive. It’s important that the client gets an answer to questions immediately.  

  1. Does the lawyer listen to you?

This is not supposed to be asked but observed. When you seek a consultation session with the client, is he doing most of the talking or he allows you to speak about the case? Does he listen to your explanations in case he has questions or did he simply jump into conclusions and immediately give you recommendations based on his point of views? It’s important to work with a lawyer whom you’re very comfortable with.  

  1. How do they charge?

This is an important question that you shouldn’t ignore. After all, you’ll have to pay the lawyer for his services and it is not going to be cheap. It’s best that you know right at the start how much he charges and how he expected to be paid throughout the process.  

  1. Who will handle the case?

If you opt to go to a law firm, you may already know that they have a lot of lawyers there. The lawyer you’re talking to may not necessarily be the one who will handle your case. It’s very important to know who exactly is going to work with you throughout the case. You have to evaluate the skills and experience of that lawyer and make sure that he or she can handle your case competitively and produce the results that you expect.  

These are just some of the tips that you can follow when hiring a Houston employment law attorney or any other type of lawyer for that matter.  


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