Causes of Water Damage in the House

Water damages can be very annoying to deal with as they can be very demanding to fix, not to add -very expensive too. Just a small persistent water leakage and you will find yourself dealing with molds, and house damage that may need costly repairs. There are several causes of water damage in your house, and knowing them beforehand may give you the knowledge on how to take precautionary measures to avoid potential problems in the future. There are some professional water damage restoration Grand Junction available services that will effectively restore your house efficiently and speedily. However, it is still better to avoid them in the beginning.

The following are the causes of water damage in the house:

1.Natural disasters and other weather-induced problems

The very probable reason for water damage is when there are some calamities that induce rain and water such as storms and tsunami. These all can trigger water buildup that we may not be able to avoid.

2.Leaking or bursting pipes

Pipes that leak or burst is one of the very common problems in the house that cause water damage. The drains and toilets might get back up and clogged that may cause leakage or burst. When this happens, call a professional service to fix the issue and avoid more serious problems.

3.Plumbing system problems

When there are plumbing issues, this might be hard to detect as they can hide within the walls. When there is a leakage that you notice within a wall, fix it immediately to avoid mold and deterioration of other walls‘ structure.

4.Water buildup in attics and basements

There are certain parts of the house that are susceptible to water leakage such as attic and basements. These areas are usually the dampest and are prone to molds. When these would multiply, they can cause serious damage to your house structure, as well as carry allergens that harm your family’s lungs.

5.Issues in HVAC

Your HVAC is responsible for the ventilator of your house, and one of the causes of molds and moisture. When you fail to have proper regular maintenance, there could be a water leakage that will happen as well as molds accumulation.

6.Appliances issues

There are appliances such as water heater, washing machines, and refrigerators that may start to rust and crack. When this happens, water damage may be induced that will lead to more damages and costly repairs.

So, watch out for these appliances as they are a potential carrier of the problem. Fortunately, all you need to do is to have regular maintenance and cleaning to check them out.


There are still many potential causes of water damage and what we have just mentioned are the most frequent answers of most people. Take note that it is important to prevent these issues and so, property maintenance of your house needs to be taken.

If you are experiencing the problems, call an expert for a restoration service now for a faster and more efficient result.

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